Battlefield 3 | Tips and Tricks: Karkand


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I’ve started watching TWTheRedDragon’s videos and he inspired me enought to do this video.
I will be making more Back 2 Karkand content, but mostly Strike at Karkand because IMO its the best
multiplayer FPS map ever.

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CPU: Intel i5 2500
GPU: GTX560TI 1gb
Ram: 4gb

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  1. @Grawr93XD In description I mention FRAPS, its ultimately the best program for recording games I know, its really easy to pirate but if you don't do that stuff you can buy it on their website for like 30€.

  2. hey if anyone wants someone to play with i play this and black ops all the time but noone ever has a mic im 22 so if ur close to that age or older add me i play all the time gamertag is
    the drunk drive just like that

  3. Great video man, i've never seen anything as detailed as this. i noticed that u adjust the zoom and size of your mini map too. could u explain the purpose for that? Thanks again for posting a fantastic video!

  4. supress.. how to stop a sniper.. how to stop a suppressor… snipe them with the suppresion decrease skill and light them up as they shoot at you randomly.. allthough i do admire this guys courage to actually do something thanks for the good video

  5. ''Headliner Strike at Karkand is the star attraction here and a very good argument can be made for it being one of the best first person shooter maps of all time.''
    So says the Metro Newspapers GameCentral, and I trust them with my gaming life.
    Peace & Love -x-

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