Battlefield 3 Sounds – Radiochatter


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Audio ripped from Battlefield 3’s campaign
Random radio chatter heard near certain vehicles during Thuder Run mission.
Mostly U.S military chatter from the Iraq War

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  1. Whiskey Echo – November Echo Echo Delta – Hotel Echo Lima Papa – .
    -••• •- —• •••• -•• •- -•• “we are Inside the : Golf Romeo Echo Echo November Zulu Oscar November Echo”. “OUT”

  2. JROD Six Tactical, this is Golf One One, You are cleared to engage with weapons. I Say Again ( IMI), You are cleared to engage with weapons. Golf One One, Roger Out!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤘💪💥🔥⚡💀

  3. This is the best static radio chatter I have found so far for Role playing, its just enough there where you can still make out what is being said, but it isnt clear most of the time so you can use it for pretty much anything! 10/10

  4. Tier 3: ground tangos 10 small arms foot mobiles, 4 rpg contacts 2-3-8 grid Gamma 9175 Kilo 9401 moving into building adjacent from our position 512 meters
    Wolf 5: Copy, targets 5-1-2- meters Kilo 9-4-0-1, Gamma 9-1-7-5 adjacent building
    Fire Team Alpha: Knight 6, I got eyes on enemy technicals in your area with small arms weapons.
    Knight 6: Affirmative. Technicals and small arms infantry in our area, setting up MK19 on MRAP.
    Wolf 5: Shots fired I repeat shots fired. I got more contacts coming in from the SW, additional contacts with technicals. Taking heavy fire from HMG techincals.
    Tier 3: Roger Wolf 5, contacts from the SW 420 meters.
    Knight 6: Fire Team Alpha, this is Knight 6
    FTA: Send traffic knight 6.
    Knight 6: MRAP MK19 is up, need to have those RPG personals out before we can move to intercept contacts from SW how copy?
    FTA: Solid copy knight 6, gunships inbound eta 3 mikes
    Alpha Wolf: Tier 3, this is alpha wolf, A-10s are inbound to assist, FTA called in gunships to level second building.
    Tier 3: Copy Alpha Wolf, contacts are in the building adjacent from our location 238 Grid Gamma 9175.
    FTA: Knight 6, fire team alpha, called in on gunships to second grid tangos Kilo 9401 tier 3 lazing targets to level the building with RPG personals, stand-by.
    Tier 3: lazing targets, awaiting on A-10s
    Eagle 7: Tier 3, this is Eagle 7, I got 30 mils and hell missiles armed ready to assist.
    Tier 3: Copy eagle 7, level laze target'd building.
    Eagle 7: Coming down
    Tier 3: Good hits eagle 7, building come down, thanks for the assist.
    Eagle 7: Roger, I'm RTB, out.
    Angel 2: FTA this is angel, missiles out coming down, splash.
    FTA: Good hits Angel second building down.
    Angel 2: RTB, clear
    Tier 3: Alpha Wolf RPG personals KIA, relay to FTA, RPGs in the first building are confirmed kills, break.
    Alpha Wolf: copy tier 3, relaying to FTA. FTA relay from Tier 3 RPGs confirmed KIA.
    FTA: Affirmative Alpha Wolf, second building with RPGs are out too. Knight 6, RPG personals out, move in to assist Wolf 5.
    Knight 6: Solid copy FTA. Wolf 5 what's you status?
    Wolf 5: Still being engaged by contacts from SW 420 meters, need help.
    Knight 6: Roger Wolf 5, MK19 MRAPs are inbound to your locations to intercept enemy vehicles, stand by, break.
    Wolf 5: Roger, make it quick.
    Tier 3: Wolf 5, tier 3 here, coming in from the east watch your fire.
    Wolf 5: Copy
    Knight 6: All personal stand-by, we'll soften them up with MK19s
    Tier 3: roger we linked up with Wolf 5, out
    Knight 6: Three enemy vehicles confirmed kills, they are running. Lets mop up those sons ov bitch stragglers.

  5. Charlie 1,2 I see two insurgents, probably cod fanboys moving towards the tank! you've got infinity ward and activision troops coming from the rear, and an APC coming from the north. Dispatching Ac 130 to your location now!

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