Battlefield 3 Rush on Firestorm, Attacking Points, Weapon Tips and Map Favorites


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Another video covering Battlefield 3, this time we have some Rush gameplay on Operation firestorm, playing the engineer kit/american, using the M4A1 with holographic sight(I think.. might be the acog).

In the video we will go over some good spawn points and choke points to hold down to keep forward map control and not let the enemy push you back from the Mcoms. You’ll also see some good shootin, and some stupid deaths, but hey, thats why you’re here right?

Tips on weapon attachment usage…


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  1. @Melee2Kil Yeah, you know how there is four line on your screen so you know where you are aiming? And you know how they get larger if you move(showing how firing from the hip while walking is not accurate?)?

    Well when you click on the laser sight, they all get a bit closer together. You can notice it easily if you equip the laser sight and then turn it on/off/on/off etc.

  2. @JmanEspresso Yeah well the beta was amazing on that one crappy map with tons of glitches, I can only dream of what the full game is like, as it still hasn't been delivered… been a week now… argh!

  3. @Melee2Kil You still haven't played yet???

    I wouldn't have that kind of patience I tell ya. Well, take my word for it, if you even remotely enjoyed Bad Company 2, you should LOOOOOVE BF3.

    There seems to be a bunch of people on the battlelog forums saying they hate the game, but thats simply because everyone who loves it is to busy playing to go tell the forums they like it lol.

    I personally think this game is 100% awesome.

  4. @Melee2Kil it makes the spread of the crosshairs less when you're not ADS, so yes it does help a little bit. Ive noticed it that when I switch to the silencer or tac light, I dont win engagements if I hip fire.

  5. Another high quality video, good work.
    Does the laser sight actually increase hip fire accuracy or is it just a laser that helps you guide your shots with not ADS?

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