Battlefield 3: G36C Review


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Taking a look at the fun yet furious G36C today – currently my alternative to the M4A1 for the engineer class. Take a sec to comment and rate so I know what you guys are enjoying!

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  1. 21,000 here! Ranked #5 on LIVE with her =)

    And the G36C performs extremely well with a fore grip! Don't fall into that 'fore grip increases spread' junk…In game, MOST guns perform EXACTLY the same with or without…Differences are damn near unnoticeable!

  2. Glad to see someone have a totally different opinion. My justification for this is that currently there are much better carbines suited for for those medium-longer ranged roles, like the SG and AKS, hell even the M4A1 as much as I hate to mention it. I just so happen to think that this gun performs incredibly when outfitted for shorter ranges, and that's mostly what I am trying to showcase here.

  3. Nope! This can indeed be changed somewhat easily: Check out RivalXfactor's channel and search for "BF3: How to change your in game map location". Takes a little adjusting to but at the end of the day I prefer it like that much more. You can tune its placement until you are happy with it.

  4. Yeah that's kind of my justification for it like I said. If I want a better gun for ranged engagements I am going to pick up the AKS or SG. This gun & most other carbines however are great for hopping out of a tank and making an area safe before repairing, for example, which is an important thing to keep in mind.

  5. ACW-R reflects a lot of what an amazing weapon would have, it's damage output is just slighttttly too low to compare to some other carbines, if you ask me. Plus it has the smaller clip – a slight increase in damage could make this weapon pretty viable so hopefully they look into it.

  6. Yep, there are a few guns with 2-round fire modes that fire separately and I don't know anyone in the world who would put themselves at such a disadvantage. It's cool that they paid enough attention to include many weapons' fire modes but they are all worthless aside from the AN-94. Burst weapons like the M16 were excellent in Bad Company 2 so I question why they were so terribly executed in this game.

  7. G36C is the only carbine that has 2-rounds-burst fire mode, but the bullets fired separately unlike AN-94 so this feature is useless on pc, but it might be helpful on console.

  8. I do like the video's commenting on different weapons outside of the usual m4/m16 weapons and giving how-to to use them rather than just saying that the m4 is better and don't use this weapon.

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