Battlefield 1: Xbox settings and controller sensitivity


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Xbox hasn’t had too many people covering settings for battlefield 1 so I figured I’d give it a go. These are just my setting and I don’t claim that they’re the best but if anyone was curious about what others play on, here it is.

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  1. Does this game have a "legacy" setting? Or at least that's what it was called on Halo. It's basically the settings of Goldeneye on 64 with the right joystick being the C buttons from the N64 controller. After mastering Goldeneye and Halo with that configuration I can't play with this games defaults without being severely handicapped. And I hate having to buy a game only to figure out I can't set up the controller the way it's permanently burned in my brain. So left stick= move forward/back, look left/right. Right stick= look up/down, strafe left/right. Would appreciate someone letting me know. Thanks.

  2. some people like these settings and some like those… you really have to experimemt on your own. i tried almost every settings i have seen in videos but became a lot better when i experimented on my own

  3. Hi, I just got into consoles and I got the same game. But I am having a lot of eye strain playing this game compared to others. Does a 4k hdtv really make a difference and also size?

    I am using a normal 33-35 inch hd tv. I have a hard time spotting people, as it gets really dark in most maps. Almost can't tell what is green and black.

    Also any tips with the joy sticks? I keep having a hard time not overshooting my aim on people with the joy sticks.

    Thanks for your video explanation.

  4. Do you know that you are a noob….. Aim assist + shotgun is absolutely zero skill dude…. BF1 is the most noob friendly BF game so just turn that aim assist auto rotation off and work on your aim…. Don't be a noob forever… No1 in competitive BF use's aim assist auto rotation anymore… It's disgusting man…

  5. Thanks. Not too many videos for console settings. Good job, even if you haven't tweaked them too much!
    I agree about headshots, I play medic a lot, set headshots to RED, I get so many of them only to see the enemy still standing. So frustrating.

  6. The only control button layout that i changed was switching the airplane
    controls to southpaw joysticks and the button layout to veteran. This
    setup is a lot more like the way you fly planes in gta 5 and is A LOT
    more natural feeling as a gamer imo.

    As far as the sensitivity i noticed the lowest 0% is significantly
    slower than every other fps game i've played while the 100% is way
    faster than any other console fps i've played at the max setting.
    Because of this id say the range from 15%-60% is about the same as 1-10
    sensitivity in halo or call of duty (1-20 in the newer call of duty
    games). I set mine at 30% for both the soldier and vehicle because 20%
    feels way to slow especially as passenger in a tank when you need to
    kill infantry that are running around close to your tank. Don't be
    fooled by all the idiots saying that you will be better if you play on a
    high sensitivity. The vast majority of pro fps players in any console
    fps game always play on the lower half of the sensitivity range.
    Theoretically higher is better but in reality that extra precision that
    you get from the lower sensitivities just helps our more than being able
    to turn fast. Also once you get good at any fps you should have a
    general sense of predicting where the enemy will be so you shouldn't be
    getting blindsided very often.

    I didn't change it but i would really recommend lowering the zoom
    sensitivity to 50-75% also so it feels more similar to most console
    shooters and its also just a good idea anyway because you shouldn't be
    zooming unless you are close to the enemy on screen anyway so at that
    point precision movements are more important than being able to turn
    fast. Also another one that is a huge advantage once you get used to it
    is increasing your field of view in the video settings. This makes it
    feel a little zoomed out but you can see much more because of increased
    peripheral vision. The max fov setting may be a little too zoomed out
    so that you can't see people far away as well though so i would
    recommend playing on that for a game or two then lowering it by 10 or so
    until you reach a point where you don't feel awkwardly zoomed out. This
    was around 90 degrees for me but if you start by going up from the
    default its all gonna feel awkward so that's why i recommend going from
    the max down.

    I also changed the hit indicator to green for body shots dark green for headshots and red for a kill just because its such an obvious and bright difference and its pretty universally known that green means go and red means stop so you can just keep shooting until it says stop lol.

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