Battlefield 1 – Trench fighter after nerf


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  1. i hate what they did to the aa and the fighter giving the aa an op standpoint and the fighter such a nerf. cant fly in my favorite planes cus of spam. plz fix DICE!

  2. The problem will never be fixet, Next thing dice will do is nerf aa and buff trench fighter. And after the summer they are gonna nerf the trench fighter again and buff aa. They will never balance this problem.

  3. I don't mind firearms damage to the plane, It is made of textile and wood. But the devastating damadge and how simple it is to hit with AA ( and yes even on console if you practice and know simple physics) makes it so uneven that I have stoped using trench fighter.
    2-3 hits with AA and you are done for.
    What REALLY needs to be nerfed is the cavallery.
    A horse and rider you can shoot AA on all day and maybe if lucky you give the horse a blister.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Hey Matti, have you heard about the changes they made to anti-air in CTE? They extended the vertical distance, so trying to snipe AA with darts at high altitudes won't be effective anymore… HOWEVER, they seriously nerfed the horizontal range to only 150m, so think of the AA range of fire as being a vertical cone, reducing in width the lower you go, to a certain extent. Overrall, I think this is a fantastic change, because it will reward skilled, aggressive pilots for flying low, and punish campy pilots who get kills from really high altitudes. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this change, and whether or not you'd like to see it implemented in the next monthly patch. Great content, as always.

  5. what was nerfed this time? I noticed that the reload time seems like been doubled from what it used to be when the game launched, and radius of blast from darts been reduced to the size of an ant 🐜. WTH those fking crybabies ruined the game.

  6. i find myself using the machine gun to shoot infantry before dropping darts.
    Not exactly easy since im on console, luckily i've gotten used to the nerf so im getting less hitmarkers

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