BattleField 1 Tips and Tricks: To Aim Assist or Not to Aim Assist


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  1. They were 2 enemies right infront of me killed off one of them i would've got the second if it wasn't for that horse who passed by and my auto aim turned away from the enemy and to the horse. Turning off aim assist.

  2. Funny how people think aim assist is unfair. The aim assist is crap, want to know why?

    1. It aims to the chest, but what you need is headshots. Especially when sniping.
    2. When people move fast, you need to calculate the bullet time in your shot. Auto aim makes that difficult.
    3. In a crowded place where enemies go in all directions, auto aim will go berserk and chose one enemy for you. Why the hell would you want that? The enemy that is most likely to kill you first is the one you need! Auto aim simply cannot decide that for you.
    4. Having a computer manipulate your skills makes you a useless human being.


  3. okey, where is "Tips and Tricks"?????!!
    i buy this game for xbox but it not have aim assist, and i have so problem to play in multiplayer.
    any bodyknow??

  4. Nice video proof. Good points you made it is up to the gamer prefences and how they wanna play the game. I just started playing without aim assist myself cause everytime i go for an enemy or headshot it pull me away. Since im just starting out is there some tips you can give me to get better at it.

  5. Totally liked what you said about people complaining about guys using aim assist. Yes its personal, if someone wants to use it then they should be allowed. Thats why there is a on and off switch. Not everyone is the same

  6. I am a noob and and can't hit someone point blank. I have aim assist on for helping and it doesn't lock on or snap to targets at all ? Am I missing something. Please help.

  7. I agree. If you people are as good as they claim then they should have no problem taking out a noob w/ aim assist. Realism was lost anyway when the guns are allowed to shoot 3x their normal rate of fire.

  8. I always turn aim assist off because it always F up target prioritization,, if someone uses it, i don't mind, i do beter without it and that's a fact for me.

  9. I have a 2.40 KD in Battlefield 1 ps4 and all I can say is that i didnt realize it before but ive been using aim assist all my life ever since playing battlefield 3 and MW2 only recently I made the change and it feels more rewarding and oddly satisfying to get kills manually aiming towards your intended enemy targets while it hasent scratched a surface on my KDR, I like practicing with it and im fairly getting used to it although I have Auto aim rotation off but i have aim slowdown on Ill probably never get to the same skills as supreme hardcore competitive players like you.

  10. I play with it some times and sometimes I don't
    but I felt bf4 aim assist was a lot stonger then 1
    but I don't care if someone uses it or not it's not that big of a deal
    I'm used to playing like I don't have it and never even knew about aim assist in a game till people started mention it
    then I learned about it and the abuse on bf4 was so bad it was hilarious the snap on you can do was bad It changed the game once you figure out how to use it But some times aim assist can really fuck you up
    I'm not a competitive player I play for fun not for seriousness
    but each there own.
    it's in the game for people to use
    consoles make Sence why it is on pc they have the mouse and a lot better controll

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