Battlefield 1: How To Counter Snipers – BEST Counter Sniping Loadout – Scout Class TIPS


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One of the best counter sniping loadouts that you can have with a scout in order to take down other snipers and medics,on how the loadout works i will explain in the video!

Other Loadouts:
BAR M1918 Loadout
Anti Tank Loadout

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  1. My biggest problem with snipers in BF1 is EXACTLY this video: "How To Counter Snipers – BEST Counter Sniping Loadout"
    "Counter Sniping" So essentially that means that you counter snipers with other snipers. That's terrible game design and it's not true to history. 3/4ths of the combatants at Monte Grappa and Tsaritsyn weren't snipers so why is that the case in BF1?

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