Battlefield 1: Are Easy Or Hard Matches “Better”? (BF1 Matchmaking)


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Battlefield 1: Are Easy Or Hard Matches “Better”? (BF1 Matchmaking)

The Battlefield 1 community, and the FPS playing community as a whole, tends to have many complaints about matchmaking, teammates and the general difficulty of matches. so today I’m talking about the pros and cons of easy and hard matches. As well as asking which you prefer. Enjoy.


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  1. I love close matches but the only problem is that I play on my own and most games just seem completely one sided (I’m normally top of the board on a terrible team) I don’t understand the matchmaking bf1 uses but it doesn’t work in the slightest and it’s destroying the game. Maybe an idea for a video if u haven’t already lol most games I play seem to have one team going 20-1 32-3 27-5 _ _ _and the other team goes 3-17 5-19 10-15 . I feel bad for those people who go badly negative cos they can’t enjoy it and will prob leave battlefield for another game.

  2. Had an operations game on suez, we got smashed on Fao fortress and got pushed back to the final sector, before finally wiping out the battalion, we had broken their momentum and then it was a great game of trying to find and stop any attacks on the flags, we managed to take out all 3 battalions on that final sector and it was a hard fight all the way but it felt great

  3. I enjoy hard close games much more than a stomp fest. Especially since I know how much it sucks to be on the team getting stomped even if I am doing well as an individual

  4. Its always one way or another, its never an even team. All the less experienced players always get lumped in with 1-2 really good players. And the 1-2 good players suffer the entire round.

  5. Since returning to the game I’ve rediscovered what I like about the game. I’m more of a “mood” type of player, definitely more than capable of try Harding. But then there’s times I like to just sit back, chill and pop heads. That being said, I do find the easier matches much more boring

  6. Hard-fought matches are better because they allow you to put all your skills to the test and even improve them somewhat.

    Yesterday I played a match that was 999-1000. Even though my team lost I still had a lot of fun and everybody played really well

  7. Having variation is good when you are not always on the losing end of the game every time…which is what I am finding happens more and more often these days. The best games though are usually the ones where you are winning or losing by less than 100 or so points on a conquest game. Getting pretty much spawn trapped is just something I X out of these days, and being on the winning side in that scenario is boring too.

  8. I realy like hard games more because its more of a challange but i have to admit that sometimes its just fell damn good to stomp some noobs
    But in 90% of the time i would wish to play against good or even better players to improve my gameplay

  9. Nothings better than a well balanced match. Sadly that's still a problem. I'm not a big fan of the battlefield matchmaking.
    Sometimes you join into a server and one team has five players with a 150 rank while the other team has maybe like one player with rank 100.
    Sure rank doesn't always mean, that a player is much better but most times it's the case.

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