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  1. I know im a little late but ive been a sub since 10k anyways since u are looking back at the world cup 2014 can u make a reaction video on Guillermo Ochoa vs Brazil please it was one of the best goalkeeper performances in history!!!! 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  2. Best WORLD CUP EVER! I‘m german and im not saying this because i am one but because this world cup was full of emotions. Even before we won it. From the first game to the last. All games were just insane. I was 18 years old back then. Watching your nation reaching every semi final or final for years but never winning it is a feeling i cant describe. My uncles always told me about my nation winning those titles. So i always wanted to witness it by myself! 2002 final… i was to young.. but 2006,2008,2010,2012 it really hurted so much… i remember the 13th of july like it was yesterday. Götzes goal… finally witnessing the win. I broke down in tears when the game was over. My wish finally came true. I nevery cried so much like at that night and i never laughed so much. If you love this sport you will never be able to describe the feeling seeing your nation winning this title!

  3. Hey my man. I have asked you before and I haven't seen you react to it, but why not check out more on the USMNT (US Mens National Team) You're American and I am sure you don't know much about our team. We had a pretty embarrassing year in 2018, but the 2 world cups before that were awesome as a US fan.

    If you need some stuff to check out,

    – The World reacts to Landon Donovan's goal vs Algeria

    – Clint Dempsey Highlights

    – Tim Howard Highlights

    – USA World Cup Highlights

    – Christian Pulisic Highlights

    – Landon Donovan Highlights

    – There is a great series on Youtube that has like 10-12 short videos, previewing some of the young, up and coming talent on the US team. Its called RISING.

    – 30 Greatest US goals ever scored.

    – US Woman's 1999 final shootout

    – Taylor Twellmen goes off on US soccer missing world cup

  4. CAN YOU PLEASE REACT TO HOCKEY? PLAYERS TO WATCH, MCDAVID INDCREDIBLE SPEED, SIDNEY CROSBY I guess would be the GOAT haha, some still say he’s the best but McDavid is insane, love to see how nuts you go over what they do!

  5. As a Chilean the match against Spain (who were the 2010 champions) was probably the proudest I've been about my country. Obviously the 2 copa america wins are the most amazing thing Chile has achieved in football, but I don't know.. beating the champion in the world cup is just an amazing feeling.

  6. USA is co hosting the world cup 2026 with canada and mexico. The final is gonna be played at the MetLife stadium in new jersey . It’s going to be the biggest world cup because of the change of the number of teams that will play. It will be 48 teams instead of the traditional 32.

  7. There is a Copa América this year in July. Brasil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay… Its not a World Cup… But its the biggest tournament this year and you have some of the best players in the world. Also this could be the last oportunity for Messi to win an international cup… Tho Im all in for Uruguay (:

  8. Sadly, the 2022 World Cup will be in winter and not in summer because of the high temperature in Qatar. If it was in summer, then I could have easily watch all of the matches, but it will be hard to watch many matches in winter especially because I will be in college at that time and I can’t just watch TV all the time. Also, the time in Qatar and USA is almost opposite, so the match will probably be played during the night time in the US.

  9. Any germans Here?
    I 'm a German and wenn Germany won 7:1 against Brazil, I did Not believe it, because i did Not watch the Game because it was so late in german Time. And at the next Morning my father sad the won 7:1. I thought he is joking…😂
    And wenn Mario Götze scores in the final i was near the tears.

    Sorry for my bad english.

  10. Please watch Liverpool Legends Vs Bayern Legends.
    You'll definitely enjoy it. There's a really really funny moment in the match which will make you laugh so much.
    I know you're also a Liverpool fan so please watch it. #YNWA

  11. You can start here:
    Copa América 2019 will be the XLVI edition of this tournament, the main football competition between national teams of South America and the oldest in the world. It will take place between June 14 and July 7, 2019 in Brasil.
    You can come to see the undisputed champion, Uruguay.

  12. I still feel bad seeing Argentina lose it in the finals even though Germany were the favourites to win. What a picture it would have been, seeing messi lift the cup!

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