4000LB Bomb Is Big! New Mosquito FB MKVI + Aerial Combat Thoughts | Battlefield 5


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  1. On lunch the aircraft gameplay was actually pretty fun. Good fighter pilots were king (as they should be), Bombers were extremely effective IF left unchallenged in the air, and multi-roles like the stuka needed some work but got the job done. Overall everything was fine they just needed to buff the AA and nerf the JU88 a little……….Than non-pilot player complained, mostly about the JU-88, and dice being DICE instead of nerfing the single aircraft (JU-88) decided to beat the ENTIRE aircraft department to near uselessness with the nerf bat and thats what we have today. Dice are literally their own worst enemy

  2. BF5 continues to disappoint at so many levels, I'm happy I didn't buy it like I did with BF1 and became bored with it after 150 hours (and I've been a BF fan since 2002, the BF1942 demo).

  3. In general it would good to see more teamwork. Bleed out next to a medic rf a medic that won’t throw out bandages,or support class not throwing out ammo. Ughh teamwork is t happening.

  4. Hows that! I didn't realise I could have a tank spotted when I damage it as an assault, I only looked at the menu once for combat role and as it was locked out I never looked at it again. such a good system.

  5. Well the enemy taht shot you at the end wasnt really good. He had the spitfire VA version . He should have killed you nearly instant when you did turn and showed him your whole plane. I am a good pilot ( ofc not one of the best) and these break players doesnt really scare me because yes when you hit the breaks you could land behind me , but what it doesnt really help you when your wings are damaged. The wings i damage first when i m behind an enemy fighter plane( no attack bombers like stuka or normal bombers, its not necessary because you outturn them anyways). Most public pilots are arrogant and think because they have the spitfire VA version taht they can outturn the BF109 everytime like an ez and nearly 100 % win. Thats far from the truth . People used the G6 version from the BF109 before for their really powerful weapons, that is the ground attack plane like the VB version from the spitfire. The G6 has a worse turn rate then the VA and G2 , thats why spitfires won all the time . The G2 has the exact turnrate then the VA . On that it depends on who is better when on both planes the wings are not broken or damaged in the dogfight itself.

  6. Something to think about is in bf4 flying was based on skill and knowing how to control your speed, in bf5 the way you turn faster is by upping your vehicle sensitivity

  7. Cant believe I'm tuning in to battlefield 5 gameplay on the same map!.. where tf is the firestorm gameplay? Why have we seen no gameplay? it's either going to be delayed or terrible..

  8. More over powered bullshit that allows a single player to dominate a game. Does dice give a f'k about the player base or actually allowing the majority of players on the ground to enjoy this game. Between tanks and snipers camping on hills and planes that just do endless fly-by's as the pathetic AA-guns can barely scratch them, this game just keeps getting worse. Every update or addition to this game makes it worse and it was shit to start with. I stupidly bought the deluxe edition for the Xbox X and the normal edition for PC and I can't even start the game up as it's just so frustrating to play. I'm back playing BF1 and loving it and it seems there's a hell of a lot of other players doing the same as there are so many full servers. Disclaimer: This is my opinion and if you like the game, then this is fine. So don't get your panties in a twist every time someone complains about BFV.

  9. Perfect addition to the game – hoping the add americans and the P47s, BUT the flak guns need to do more damage to PLANES (Only), so they become a better option to take out planes.

  10. Biggest problem with planes for me is the camera and flight controls. They are so constricted and easily makes you lose focus on where are you even going.
    Camera stays on level with the planes orientation even if you go upside down. Id love if they would look into different ways to implement it. Looking at War Thunder for example, i think it has the best working camera and flight controls from every "arcade" flight game. On Battlefield games it feels like youre flying a brick and flying in War Thunder feels like you are really "swimming" throught the skies.

  11. I just don’t get it? BF4 at the middle/end of its life cycle was pretty damn good. A lot of the issues in this game I feel could have been copy and pasted from BF4/BF1 , I don’t understand why DICE 🎲 has to change up everything in every BF game (well at least since BF4. Btw that’s a perfect example BF3 and BF4 were essentially close to the same game in terms of game mechanics and the way it played and guess what? Both were SUPER SUCCESSFUL…DICE PLZ.

  12. The planes really starting to suck the joy out of the game, they OP as shit , the new Moz takes out players in rows . AA deals nearly no damage and taken when plane comes back.

  13. Stop crying about the planes, spotting.. battlefield 1 planes was so fucking brokken, with spotting and the flares. This is a perfect balance, cry more kids in planes or play bf1. Cya on the Ground or with a panzerfuast in your mouth

  14. If they nerf it , I just hope they won’t touch the 4000lb bomb , maybe they can nerf the rate of fire of the 6 PDR , because I’ll admit that it’s kinda op but I love it

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