3 NEW MAPS, NEW Modes, IMPROVED Combined Arms & MORE (BF5 Roadmap) – Battlefield 5


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3 NEW MAPS, NEW Modes, IMPROVED Combined Arms & MORE (BF5 Roadmap) – Battlefield 5.

So the latest Battlefield V roadmap is here. It’s the road map for a good chunk of 2019. It shows that we’re going to be receiving new maps, new modes, improvements to combined arms and makes reference to new weapons and customisation options being on the way. Today I’ll give you my quick breakdown of the key details from the roadmap. So will this give Battlefield 5 a welcome shot in the arm? New content is…


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  1. What are you most looking forward to from the roadmap? Are you excited or disappointed overall? Let me know.


    Initial Patch Details – https://www.reddit.com/r/BattlefieldV/comments/b47jeb/battlefield_v_2019_roadmap/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app

    Extra Info + Release Dates – https://www.ea.com/games/battlefield/battlefield-5/about/tides-of-war/chapter-3-trial-by-fire?isLocalized=true#content


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  2. Wow o wow thats great more nerfs, still didnt fix the vehicle spawn issues where it says theres a vehicle soawn availabke and yet you cant spawn in one. Hey Get Good Guy, u have influence, maybe get them to fix the bugs instead of dropping garbage combined arms

  3. Why don’t they include rain as a possible weather? Like rain in Rotterdam would be really cool. A nice grey sky and lighting that washes the colors out a bit and makes it all sneaky

  4. Why do people keep saying wake island when the map is urban?The map will will not have any new faction on it.Also 3 maps in 5 months then more after with the theater of war for free.Why do people expect premium content for free?Maybe if people screamed :we want to pay less money for a season pass instead of this, we would be getting more maps by now.Also it looks like the jappanese and americans are coming?that blurred image is of an aircraft carrier

  5. Been watching your content since BF5 came out. Thanks for always making the updates easy for me to figure out. … Also If the new secret map is metro like that would be awesome!

  6. We don't want more modes or Greece. We want Normandy landings. D day, and fighting in urban French towns. ARDENNE FOREST through pine trees fighting the SS. THIS IS Bullshit

  7. see my heart says soviet union for the new theatre. they were an industrial giant as well during world war 2. but my head says the united states because admiral yamoto was known for the famous quote after the pearl harbor attack "I fear alls we have done is awaken a sleeping giant with a terrible resolve." so while im torn I think im gonna go with my head on this and say they are adding in the united states and the battle of Stalingrad didn't even start until august 23, 1942 and lasted until February 2, 1943. so I think we will have to wait a little longer for stalingrad

  8. I really hate to say it but Division 2 here I come… DICE is really giving everyone the bird by giving us more CO OP instead of more maps and guns ect. God I miss the Premium because this BS of getting shit on with shit content is really getting dumb at this point. What is it that 10/10 Battlefielders want? More MP Maps, More Weapons, More theatres of War no more of this CO OP Garbage.. if BF 6 or BFBC3 has single player I'm going to just say good by to BF at that point because DICE still hasn't learned at that point that people buy Battlefield for multiplayer not single or co-op…

  9. So first they release a map about the battle of Crete which took place in May of 1941 and then they will release another map about the invasion of Greece that happened in April of 1941? The classic map will be El Alamein and the new theatre will be Russia

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