200 Things Wrong with Battlefield 5


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Here is a list of everything wrong with Battlefield 5 including bugs, glitches, issues, missing features and general details that have been done incorrectly.



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  1. I'm pissed because the same YouTube cucks that told thier viewers to go buy this game because "it will get better after the first patch" are now the same people making videos like this.

  2. EA murdered: Pandemic Studios, Black Box Games, BioWare and now DICE. They have nothing left now (except the sport games)
    Great Job!
    Let me guess: BioWare told you, Anthem needs more time to develop but you didn't care, didn't you?

  3. Got around 600 hours in the game since release, I didnt had ANY problems at all. Not a single one. All of my friends aswell. Not a single problem.
    I think you forced alot of these bugs. I dislike that.

  4. When you get new unlocks for gun or a new gun mid game. You can select it but when choosing a Respawn point it says “you weapon is not allowed in this server”. When loading into a new map or game in rotation any tinkering, like pressing start to view things can freeze your game or leave you in a state we’re the hole screen has that frozen tint background from when you press start. Points were not mater what you press it won’t do anything. I know it’s strain intensive when the system loads a new map so then don’t give us the option to press anything at that moment smh.

  5. I do enjoy playing the game but I feel like dice had been told that they had to make a game by December and they releases it before they wanted to because there are a lot of bugs that just ruin the game, every time I leave a match or lobby I get the infinite loading glitch

  6. 201: When you actually get the Final stand mode on the Rotterdam Devastation map, the framerate drops to nearly unplayable.
    202: Sometimes when you join a server the screen is just black. Forcing you to restart the game.
    203: Short lag spikes can kick you out of the server, but instead of forcing you back to a menu screen, the game just completely stops responding and crashes to desktop.
    204: Sometimes when you switch class after dying, change the main weapon and deploy, you spawn with only your pistol being functional.
    205: Sometimes when you shoot the PIAT from inside a destroyed building you get 'killed by accident' as if you shot against an invisible wall.
    206: If you shoot your Panzerschreck or PIAT and a friendly player moves in the line of fire, the explosive detonates right in front of you. (R.I.P.)
    207: Sometimes running into a closed door doesn't make your character open the door violently, instead you just run into a closed door. Forcing you to back off and open the door manually.
    208: Sometimes the quick repair (3 by default) in tanks does not repair at all.
    209: The roll animation from dropping from great heights (e.g. the first floor of a building) is not just unrealistic but also very inconsistent and can sometimes also play the roll animation while dropping from smaller heights.
    210: Hit direction indicators are not always correct at indicating the incoming fire. Sometimes when you get shot from the front, it indicates you are being shot from either the left, right or even behind.
    211: The bell in the bell tower on the Arras map is just floating in the sky when the tower is destroyed.
    212: Sometimes swapping weapons while deployed (e.g. switching from the main weapon to sidearm and back) leaves your character holding the weapon in a very awkward position.
    213: Destruction of the environment can be very inconsistent. Sometimes when you shoot a wall of a building with a Panzerschreck you create a big hole, sometimes it only leaves a black texture.
    214: The MP28 magazine often disappears completely, leaving your running holding an invisible magazine.
    215: On lowest settings, objects in the distance completely disappear, allowing you to see enemies hiding behind them. But the object reappears while ADS. Such as some of the stacked crates on the Rotterdam map.
    216: You cannot unlock and equip newly unlocked specializations in the deployment screen or while waiting to deploy at the start of a game. You have to leave the server to unlock and equip them.

  7. 8:32, I think that's because when you dropped from a certain height you character does a parkour roll or even a stumble if the height hurts them. Not sure if that's the delay he's talking about.

  8. Ah, this channel is just a whinge bandwagon now. The game is top tier for gun play, decent graphics, a few minor bugs that aren't game breaking. The Devs have shown a willingness to fix things regularly and quite quickly in most instances. The only real issues with the actual game is the TTD bug (much rarer than most people think) and people who have lost perspective and think the older version of battlefield are perfect. Half of this list have been fixed all ready or are just non-issues.

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