10 Fast Leveling Tips for Patch 2.1 Seasons in Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls


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A guide on how to speed level in patch 2.1 in Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls. Also works for any solo leveling and the Ultimate Evil Edition.

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  1. I'd say it was time for an update on this video, not only for quality purposes but general information updates or maybe annotations that include the new information inside the video.
    For example – *Keystones are no longer obtained from bounties or required to open Nephalem Rifts *Greater rift keystones are obtained from normal Nephalim Rifts and the realm of trials is no longer required to be done in order to open a specific difficulty. Although the rest of the information is a wealth of knowledge for new players and season levelers. .

  2. how viable are these tips since the video is YEARS old now? I am a brand new player trying to learn as much as I can about the game before getting to much further in…. I am level 15 and… I know absolutely NOTHING about salvaging, sockets… ruby's… and… crafting..

  3. these vids are so helpful to a newcommer. I'm a huge fan of skryim and world of war craft I'm quit good but I thank you for helping me start out on this new edition to my skillset

  4. Hey man, I played D3 back when it first came out and I was trying to get into the new stuff since there's so much new stuff and so many improvements to the game. My question is: Are all these tips still relevant? And second, the expansion is necessary? You have to own it to play adventure mode, correct? Thanks man, and great videos! (great voice btw)

  5. A good tip for the Xp would be, if you have a high level, got the Cube, and have the Crown (One with bonus to gem slotted). You just have to use a high end ruby on a low level crown with the same crown as a power. That's just about 150% more Xp.

  6. hey guys i have diablo 3 which someone gave me on ps4 but i do not have ps+..right now im not sure whether to subcribe to a yearly ps+ to play online or the pc version which has the same yearly price as the ps+ but instead i just pay once for the game. opinions?

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